Detectives Privados en Marbella España Sur
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-General investigation & Surveillance
-Surveillance of claimants in personal injury cases.
-Investigation into RTA claims
-Preparation of Locus reports
-Witness statements
-Location & Trace inquiries
For insurance
For Banks, Building Societies
and Financial Institutions
-Bad debts
-Fraud Investigation
-Missing debtors
-Financial Investigation
General Investigations
-Specialist Personal investigations
-Evidence of means and lifestyle
-Tracing and missing persons
-Background and lifestyle enquiries
-Asset tracing
-Evidence of means and lifestyle
-Matrimonial Matters
-Extra marital Relationship
-Proof of Cohabitation
-Suitability for Marriage
-Stalking enquiries
-Stalker investigations
-Defence Investigations
-Tracing of Witnesses
-Statements and Proofs of Evidence
-Alibi Investigations
-Plans and Maps
Certificado Detectives Indizze
952 86 35 99
662 14 91 44
Detectives España Sur ®
Lic nº 1967- nº 2139
C/Alfredo Palma 24.
29600 Marbella (Málaga)
Telf. 952863599
Móvil. 662149144 wasap
Móvil. 629248302 wasap